Music Theory Lessons

The Basics

The Piano Keyboard
Musical Note Names
The Middle C Note
The Staff
Treble Clef (G-clef)
Bass Clef (F-clef)
The Grand Staff
Note Duration
Rest Duration
Time Signature
Dotted Notes
Tied Notes
Half Step & Whole Step
Sharps & Flats
Double Sharps & Double Flats
Enharmonic Notes
Key Signatures
Relative Minor Scales
The Circle of Fifths Chart
Enharmonic Scales
Music Interval
Interval Inversion

Musical Scales

How to build a major scale?
How to build a natural minor scale?
Harmonic Minor
Melodic Minor
Blues Scales
Pentatonic Scales
Chromatic Scale
Whole Tone Scales

Musical Chords

Seventh Chords
Major Scale Diatonic Chords
Minor Scale Diatonic Chords


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