Musical note name on a piano keyboard

Natural Notes


The above piano keyboard shows the musical note names of the white keys within one octave: C – D – E – F – G – A – B.  In music theory, these letters are called the natural notes on a piano keyboard.

Practice Keyboard & Note Chart for Behind the Piano Keys

Sharps and Flats

The black keys on a piano keyboard can referred to as either sharps or flats. Sharps and flats are also called accidentals.


Accidentals are symbols used to raise or lower notes by half steps. A half step is the distance between two adjacent keys on a piano keyboard.

Sharp ( ♯ ) is an accidental that raises a note by a half step.
Flat ( ♭ ) is an accidental that lowers a note by a half step.

Double Sharp is an accidental that raises a note by a whole step (two half steps).
Double Flat is an accidental that lowers a note by a whole step (two half steps).

A Natural (♮) is an accidental which cancels out any previous accidentals.

For more details, check out Sharps and Flats – Steps and Accidentals and learn the musical note names of the black keys.

The Middle C Note


There are twelve notes in each octave: 7 white keys and 5 black keys. Next octave starts at C again and repeats the note names: D – E – F – G – A – B.

A 88-key piano keyboard has slightly more than 7 octaves, with 3 notes in the 0 octave, and 1 note in the 8th octave.

88 keys piano keyboard

Let’s locate the middle C note on a 88-key piano keyboard.

The Middle C Note on a Piano Keyboard

The middle C is the 4th C note on a 88 key piano keyboard.

88 keys piano keyboard

The middle C is a musical note not exactly in the middle, but the closest C to the middle of the piano keyboard. Because the middle C is located in the 4th octave, it is sometimes referred to as C4.

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Musical note sounds, pitches and their frequencies.

modern piano keyboard and middle c

Find the Middle C on a 49-key / 61-key / 76-key piano keyboards.

Now that you know where the middle C is on a piano keyboard, let’s get familiar with the staff & clefs and learn to how to read and write music.

middle c on a grand staff

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