Learn Music Theory App on the App Store

Learn Music Theory

download learn music theory app on the apple app store

download learn music theory app on the apple app store

Learn Music Theory app is an educational app that is perfect for beginner music theory students to learn & explore the fundamentals of music.

This app includes the following music theory basics:

  1. Note Types & Note Durations
  2. Whole Note
  3. Half Note
  4. Quarter Note
  5. Eighth Note
  6. Sixteenth Note
  7. Dotted Half Note
  8. Dotted Quarter Note
  9. Rest Types & Rest Durations
  10. Whole Rest
  11. Half Rest
  12. Quarter Rest
  13. Eighth Rest
  14. Sixteenth Rest
  15. Measures
  16. 2/4 Time Signature
  17. 3/4 Time Signature
  18. 4/4 Time Signature

The goal of this music theory app is to help make learning music theory fun. Each music theory lesson is interactive and easy to follow. Follow along with each lesson and you will be able to read and play music on your own in no time.

For music teachers, this educational app is also an excellent tool to teach and demonstrate music theory basics to students in the classroom.

Download Learn Music Theory app on the App Store today!