Category: Music Theory Basics

The Circle of Fifths Chart

The Circle of Fifths Chart The circle of fifths is a chart that summarizes the relationship between major and minor scales and displays all the key signatures into one easy to understand diagram. The outside are the major keys in uppercase letters. Each major key is associated with a relative minor key in lowercase letters.

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Musical Scales – Major / Minor / Blues / Pentatonic / Chromatic And Whole Tone Scales

Musical Scales A scale is a set of pitches (or a group of notes) that are arranged and played by increasing pitch (ascending) or decreasing pitch (descending) order. Musical Scales and Emotions There are many different types of musical scales. The major scales and the minor scales are the two most commonly used musical scales.

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Double Sharps and Double Flats

Double Sharps and Double Flats A Double Sharp is an accidental used to raise a note by a whole step (two half steps). A Double Flat is an accidental used to lower a note by a whole step. To raise a note by a whole step means moving two half steps to the right to

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