Learn Music Scales

download learn music scales app on the apple app store

download learn music scales app on the apple app store

Learn Music Scales app is designed for everyone who wishes to learn how to build major and minor scales. You don’t need any music knowledge to use this app. In fact, it is perfect for beginner music students of all ages, who have little or no prior music knowledge to learn about music scales.

This app uses easy to understand animations to explain the concepts of half step / whole step, and demonstrate the constructions of 15 major & 15 natural minor scales. You will be able to understand and identify scales type easily, and become more familiar with musical scales on a piano.

For music teachers, this educational app is also an excellent tool to use in the classroom for explaining music theory and musical scales to students.

In addition, this app also includes a 36-key piano keyboard with high quality piano sounds. Choose between 2 different piano sounds:

1. Grand Piano
2. Honky-Tonk Piano

Download Learn Music Scales app on the App Store today!